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Welcome to Landis. We are happy you chose to live in our small town. Please find information about the utilities the Town of Landis provides.

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Town Hall
312 N Main Street
Landis, NC 28088

P.O. BOX 8165
Landis, NC 28088

Lobby/Service Window Hours
8am–5pm, Monday–Friday

Pay Your Bill

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Bank Draft

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Complete this entire authorization agreement. Please print using black or blue ink.

  1. Present this completed form to the Utility Services Department. Please attach a voided check from your checking account to this form.
  2. This agreement may be revised or terminated at any time by written notification or email to the Town of Landis Utility Services.

Financial Assistance for Utility Bills

For help with paying your utility bill you may contact:

Department of Social Services: (704) 216-8330

Rowan Helping Ministries: (704) 633-5771 or

HOPE Program – For more information please visit www.nc211.org/hope or call 1-888-892-1162

Power Outages

When the power goes out in the Town of Landis, everyone wants to know when the power will be restored.


When someone calls to ask how long it will take to get the power restored, the answer may be “We don’t know yet”. During severe weather, an increase in phone call volume can divert important resources, so we encourage residents to give the Landis crews time to respond to an outage before reporting it, because they probably already know about it. To report the outage call 704-857-2411. During business hours press 2 for Public Works. After hours press 1 for a power outage.

In severe emergencies, the Town of Landis will open up its Emergency Operations Center at Fire Station 44 (the corner of S Main and Rice Streets). Our network of police, fire, utility & streets crews will gather information about conditions throughout the Town and dispatch crews quickly and efficiently. Our local Landis Public Power team is always ready and can also call on our network of Public Power cities across North Carolina if more back-up is needed.

Our 24-hour number for Power & Water Emergencies is 704-857-2411.


The Town of Landis has an automated system that alerts our Electric Department whenever the power goes out. That automatic alert is sent to crews and they begin to respond immediately. It will take our electric crews time to arrive at the scene, especially if road conditions are bad. They work quickly to determine the cause and safely begin repair work. That is one of the benefits of being on Landis Public Works – our crews are local – right here in Landis ready and waiting to respond.


Ice and snow storms lead to a build-up of ice on power lines and trees. The weight of that ice can cause limbs or even entire trees to fall onto power lines, causing outages.

If your power goes out temporarily, give it a few minutes to see if it comes back on. If it is a prolonged outage, please report the outage to the Town of Landis at 704-857-2411.

Being prepared and planning ahead are critically important in remaining safe during storms. NC Public Power communities have several tips to help.

How to Prepare for Power Outages

  • Stock up on non-perishable food, medicine, baby supplies and pet food.
  • Purchase bottled water; 1 gallon of water per person per day.
  • Gather emergency supplies, such as flashlights, battery-operated radios, extension cords and emergency generators, and purchase extra batteries.
  • Monitor official weather bulletins.
  • Keep extra cash on hand.
  • If a family member uses life-sustaining medical equipment, develop an emergency plan for generating power or plan to relocate.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Check for electrical damage inside your home, such as frayed wires, sparks or the smell of burning insulation. If you find damage outside your home, such as to your meter box, do not turn your power on until an electrician inspects your system and makes necessary repairs.
  • Do not connect a generator directly to your home’s electrical system. It is dangerous to you, your neighbors and utility workers. Follow manufacturer’s directions regarding connecting appliances directly to your generator. Use a generator only in a well-ventilated area.

Start or Stop Utility Service

Information for New Utility Service

Requirements for Utility Services:

If purchasing property: closing papers, driver’s license, social security card

If renting: rental agreement, driver’s license, social security card

Please download and review:

Start Service Application

Town of Landis Utility Services Policy and Procedure 2021

How to Stop Your Utility Service

Contact us to stop your utility service.

8am–5pm, Monday–Friday

Access the Utility Portal

Manage your utilities, get alerts, and stay connected! Log onto the Town of Landis’ new customer utility portal. https://my-lndnc.sensus-analytics.com

For help logging in, email utilityservices@townoflandis.com or call 704-857-2411 when prompted press 1 & 1 again.

Utility Portal

AMI Meter Project

AMI Meter

The installation of the Town’s new AMI water and electric meters is nearing completion. We have completed the verification process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the new “smart” meters.

What does this mean?
• Our program management company has performed a quality assurance check to verify that the Town received properly installed and operating meters from our contractor.
• The Town has hired a third-party company to perform an additional quality assurance review of the installed system.
• A portion of the new and old meters has been field tested by a separate firm that has done electric meter testing for the Town for the last 5 years.
• A statistical review of electric meter data trends was performed by Electicities to ensure precise billing to the electric metered.
• Conducting residential energy audits for those customers who request them. (First priority will be given to customers with largest trend changes). See fee and rate schedule where it applies.

The Town began changing out our old water meters in 2018.

During the transition to the AMI meters, many of our utility customers have seen an increase in their monthly bills this is due to accurate and timely billing. However, having the water meter part of the program completed, the Town was able to use the consumption information gathered by the new meters to help a number of customers find leaks or inefficiencies with their water use.

Why AMI Meters?

AMI – Advanced Metering Infrastructure – is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers. One of the system’s primary benefits to customers is that it allows daily, “real-time” monitoring of consumption instead of traditional systems that use monthly billing to report consumption that is usually several weeks old.

There are several advantages to these Smart meters. Customers can;

  • Monitor water and energy use, which in turn can help with controlling monthly bills. Sign in to our online portal at https://my-lndnc.sensus-analytics.com/
  • Sign Up for usage alerts
  • Sign up to receive outage alerts
  • Diagnose water leaks before they become a bigger problem.
  • Create an account on our online portal to monitor

How secure is my data and information?
Data from the meters is encrypted and sent through a safe and secure network to the utility databases. The meter system transmits only the water or electric meter readings, the meter identification number, and diagnostic information to verify that the automated meter equipment is operating correctly. Only key authorized utility personnel, such as customer service representatives can access your account if needed. There is no personal identifying information captured by the smart point or transmitted by the meter.

Is this technology safe for me and my family? The new meters use wireless radio frequencies or RF, similar to wireless Internet and cable TV which many people already have in their homes. Radio frequencies are also used in cell phones, microwaves and even baby monitors. Digital water and electric meters operate a much lower levels of radio frequencies than any of those. The meters and communication system are regulated to meet all federal communications, safety standards and codes. This is very helpful website from the Federal Communications Commission or FCC explaining radio frequencies.

You can also check the findings of the Centers for Disease Control at https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/emf/default.html and the American Cancer Society at https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/smart-meters.html

AMI Meter

Customer Service Policy

July 1, 2021 The Town of Landis Board of Aldermen voted in the Utility Services Policy and Procedure. Giving sound guidelines to the decisions made to best service the residents of Landis.

Policy & Procedures »