D.C. and Frances Linn Park

History of D.C. and Frances Linn Park

D.C. and Frances Linn Park will be located at 115 N Central Ave.  This park is named after D.C. Linn, and the land where it will be built was given to Landis after Mr. Linn passed away in 2009. Mr. Linn lived in Landis his entire life.  He was President and CEO of D.C. Linn Engineering, Kannapolis Transit Mix Concrete, and D.C. Linn Inc.  He was also formerly a board member of the Linn Corriher Corporation, Vice Chairman of the First Charter Corporation (now Fifth Third Bank), and formerly President of Lands Home Federal Saving and Loan. 

As a world traveler, Mr. Linn enjoyed visiting passive parks in every country he visited. He found the parks tranquil and serene. Mr. Linn decided he would like to share that tranquility with the citizens in Landis and set up a donation of land to the town to be used for a future passive park. The definition of a passive park is a park that is principally designed for use in an unstructured or informal way. A passive park is typically less developed than an active park but may contain features such as walking trails, gardens, seating, picnic areas, etc.

Mr. Linn always had a vision of a central park where the community could come together.  He also wanted this park to be for the community and by the community.  D.C. and Frances Linn Park will feature the original Landis Depot, the first Jail in Landis, the first Doctors/Post Office, and the first Fire Truck.  These exhibits will be on display for the general public to explore and learn about the history of Landis.  The park will also feature an amphitheater, concessions, gazebo, fountain, and a space for kids to explore and learn.  A few weeks before Mr. Linn’s death, he spoke to a friend and contact, Bill Burgin about the park and wanted him to build out the plan.  In 2022 Bill Burgin was hired to continue D.C.’s plans and bring this park to fruition.

In 2021 the Blue Ribbon Committee was formed to start the process of building the park.  This committee is responsible for hiring an architect, contractors, and raising funds to build the park.  Not only did Mr. Linn donate the land for the park to be built on, but he also left land to be sold by the town to help fund the park.  The Blue Ribbon Committee consists of Ryan Nelms (committee chair), Mayor Meredith Smith, Alderwoman Katie Sells, Park, and Rec Director Jessica Stamper, David Sells, John Hall, Summer Faw, Dannon Webster, and Del Nelms.

D.C. and Frances Linn Park Committee Members

Michelle Gray, Committee Chair

Meredith Bare Smith    Ryan Nelms

Jon Hall                           David Sells

Randall Petermen         Leanne Freeze

Summer Faw                  Katie Sells

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Ramsay, Burgin, Smith Architecture Inc of Salisbury will be serving the Passive Park Committee on the project.