Town of Landis Finance Department

The Town of Landis Finance Department is responsible for the Town’s financial affairs. The staff works to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws. This includes providing an outside independent auditor with requested work from the previous year, ensuring the budget is managed appropriately, processing accounts payable, monthly reconciliations, and working with all departments on compliance with the purchasing policy. The Finance Department works diligently to keep the Town in a responsible fiscal position that exceeds the minimum requirements of the Local Government Commission.

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Audit and Budgeting


Accounts Payable

The Town of Landis pays invoices on a weekly basis. The best way to send invoices to the Town of Landis is by email. Please send them to:

In order to receive payment from the Town a W-9 must be received.

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Property Taxes

The current tax rate for the Town of Landis is $.49 per one hundred dollars of valuation of property. Real property taxes are collected by Rowan County. If you have questions about your real property tax bill please contact Rowan County directly using this link:

Vehicle property taxes are collected by the State. Questions concerning the tax should be directed to Rowan County through the above link.